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Hand Carved Leather Bracelet

Hand Carved Leather Bracelet

$19.99 USD



A fantastic Western, up-dated the look  even in a bright TEAL!

 This leather bracelet will take you every where, all day long.


Hand carved                       

   ..  hand dyed

       ... and filled with passion and love.


I have been a leather craftsman for over 30 years

and I so love these.

  .. filed with Western style

    ... deeply carved 

     .... tradition Western floral design, only lager.

      ..... finished  scalloped edges all the way around

       ...... just snaps on and you are ready to go.

        ...... Very soft and flexible


Tradional floral design, just to make sure every one notices what you are wearing.

To the barn, to the store, out on a date: take this leather bracelet every where you want to go. 

Length is 7 1/2 inch long and extra wide

Phenomenal with a western outfit.    **** Just pick your color and off you go!

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