2020 Merchandise Pre-orders

Here is the place you can pre-order your copy of The Notebook and also our NEW shirts available from The Mountain.  Shirts from The Mountain will be delivered to us at the beginning of March.  We will be taking pre-orders through 1/23/2020 and then we will place our final order with them. 

The Notebook is our guide to help you identify and document the wild horses living in Theodore Roosevelt National Park!  We offer different versions of our awesome book that our followers LOVE!  Pre-orders will be taken through 1/24/2020 and then orders will be placed and shipped! We are offering discounts on pre-orders of the Notebook along with Bundle copies through 1/24/2020!

We have also added our "Don't Mind Me, I'm just Chasing Horses" shirts as well. 

You can also reserve the newest Trail of Painted Ponies here too!  They will be shipped to us in March! 

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The Notebook - Bundle package #2
The Notebook - Bundle package #1

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