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Freedom the stuffed Brown Horse with sound

Freedom the stuffed Brown Horse with sound

$10.99 USD

Stuffed horses are great but they are so quiet. Not anymore. We proudly present Freedom the Stuffed Brown Horse with Sound by Aurora! Cool, right? Yeah, we think so too. So cool, in fact, that you will want to squeeze it tight and never let go. When you do, you're in for a treat. Say goodbye to silence because this brown horse stuffed animal makes a galloping and neighing sound when squeezed. Interpreting the neighing sound made by Freedom will be up to you. Hopefully you can speak the secret horse language or at least have access to a good online translator. Enough noise about the noise, what about the stuffed brown horse's looks, right? Well, it's about six inches tall, seven inches long, and is a couple inches wide. It's not too small but is small enough that you can take your stuffed horse with you everywhere you go. You two can have conversations that no one else will understand. People won't think you're weird at all. Okay, maybe they will a little bit but who cares? You have a stuffed brown horse to worry about. It's soft, looks amazing, and makes cool horse sounds. Neigh-thing else matters!

This stuffed brown horse with sound is surface washable and recommended for ages three and up. Aurora stuffed animals are incredibly well made with a focus on durability, safety, affordability, and most importantly, cuteness. Aurora World Inc. is one of the world's most popular plush companies with over 25,000 retail outlets worldwide. Their products can be found in major zoos, department stores, gift shops, and at, of course! The entire family of Aurora plush, including Freedom the Stuffed Brown Horse with Sound, is made with all new, child safe materials and meets or exceeds all U.S. safety standards.
  • Measures approx. 7 in L x 6 in H x 2 in W
  • Short plush w/ fluffy mane & tail
  • Makes gallop & neighing sounds

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