A Tale of Two Stallions

A Tale of Two Stallions

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This is the first of a three book series that shows the relationship between bachelor buddies Stallion Arrowhead and Ollie Jr.  The second, soon to be released book, will tell the story of Stallion Arrowhead and the third will tell the story of Ollie Jr.  

Here is what people are saying about this book: 


"Chris and Gary have fallen in love with TRNP and have taken their thousands of followers along on their journey. Their pictures show the beauty and majesty of TRNP and the horses. They have taken the time to learn the true story of each band and just how the wild horses  work and  survive. A world we would never have known if it wasn’t for their amazing work. Their love for these majestic animals truly shines through in every page, in every post and in every picture. This book is about just one band and I truly look forward to a look into many more in the time to come. "

~ Ginny 


"The story of Two Stallions roaming free within Theodore Roosevelt National Park fills the reader's heart with incredible wildlife photographic captures by the photographers Christine and Gary Kman.

Their heartwarming tale describes the life of two wild stallions that will tug at your heart and inspires many to associate their life experience with traveling freely in the wilderness.  

Chris describes and identifies the essence of life for the two stallions for all to follow, and I'm waiting with bated breath for the continuation."

~ M. Leake