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Black & Turquoise beaded Horse Hair Bracelet

Black & Turquoise beaded Horse Hair Bracelet

$21.99 USD

Horse hair bracelet Simple but elegant with silver toned beads, flat-braided horse hair etched beads genuine horse hair Cowgirl design.

It's all about the passion, the connection, the unforgettable courage and love.

  ************* That passion  that captures your heart and never leaves.

This horse hair bracelet is Hand-made by a life-long horse lover's heart.

Taking the ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY that is what these horse hair designs are all about.

Let this beauty capture your heart, as it did mine.

This one is simple country style, yet nice and elegant. 
An inlaid silver toned center bead with a gold-toned bead on each side.

The horse hair  braid is split in the center and holds the beads nice and tight.
Simple but  UNFORGETTABLE!  

This one is a size 7 1/2 inches. The horsehair is done in sorrel (reddish brown) flat braid.

Exceptional details:

    Select  the  perfect gift for any equine lover that gets you remembered.
    Wrap yourself in this luxurious real horse hair Treasure.
    Designed with  striking two-colors of horsehair.

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