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Flower Princess Horse

Flower Princess Horse

$24.99 USD

This wonderfully crafted tan horse stuffed animal measures about ten inches tall, head to hoof, and ten inches long. Flower Princess has a brushable brown mane with light brown highlights and blue ribbon decorations. Her tail matches her mane and a small plastic brush is also included so you can keep Flower Princess looking great all of the time. Grooming a horse has never been more fun! Whether you're getting Flower Princess ready for a show or just making her look nice for an evening at home watching movies, you're sure to enjoy brushing her flowing mane and tail. This plush tan horse stands on its own so that it can easily be groomed and played with for hours on end. Her legs are still soft but sturdy enough to hold her up which also makes Flower Princess a great display piece, table setting, or decoration.  Pink brush included!

For ages 3 and up. 

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