Leather & Horse Hair Bracelet

Leather & Horse Hair Bracelet

$25.99 USD


It's all about the passion, the connection, 

             the unforgettable courage and love.

The exceptional leather bracelet trimmed with horsehair.    

 A rare, all leather bracelet inlaid all the way down

     the center with hand-braided horsehair.


  *****   A beauty that is a tough as your day.

It adjusts so it will fit your wrist with ease. 

Fits* Large will fit 7.5 to 8.5  inches 

           and there is also two snaps sets for adjustments.

* Medium will fit up to 7.5 inches

           also two snaps sets for adjustments.



Two Colors:

      * brown leather with matching sorrel/white horsehair

      * Black leather with matching black and white horsehair


 This is tough enough to take you through your entire day and perfect for the night or  wherever your day  takes you.

Be prepared for other horse lovers to steal it from you.

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