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Kicking Bird Pottery

This collection features the amazing artwork of Kicking Bird Pottery.   Colors may vary as each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Each piece is Native American made and handcrafted with Chulengo Clay pottery in the Cumberland Mountains or Tennessee.  This pottery is made by casting 5 blended colors of clay.  Once the mold sets, it is baked in a solar powered kiln for up to 3 days and then air dried.  Although the pottery is very durable, it should be protected from the weather and not used for food. Each piece is signed by the artist. 

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Lion & Lamb (medium) by Kicking Bird Pottery
Lion & Lamb (small) by Kicking Bird Pottery
Lion & Lamb by Kicking Bird Pottery
Cross Small Nail by Kicking Bird Pottery
Wavy Bowl by Kicking Bird Pottery

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