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Chasing Horses

2023 Chasing Horses Notebook

2023 Chasing Horses Notebook

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The full print version of the 2023 edition of Chasing Horses The Notebook ships direct to your from our publisher! The finished product is 297 pages!  The Notebook tells the stories of the horses living wild and free in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Medora, ND!  Each band has their own section that recaps the 2022 year and shares a photo of each horse in the band. We didn't forget about the bachelors!  There is also a section to remember the special horses we lost in 2022.  And of course, there is plenty of room for you to add your own notes! 

The Pocket version of the 2023 edition of The Notebook is here!  The finished book is 175 pages.  The Pocket Notebook is handy enough to take with you while you are Chasing Horses in TRNP!  The horses are separated by band, with a list of each member in that band and a photo of each horse.  The bachelors are included too! 

You can also buy both and save! 

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