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Cow Stream (tray puzzle)

Cow Stream (tray puzzle)

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It's a sunny day by the Cow Stream. Beautiful black and white cows are entertained by the ducks in the water. When the sun goes down, they'll return to their red barn.

A tray puzzle is made up of a board with a recessed center with a raised edge frame, plus removable puzzle pieces. This allows the durable puzzle pieces to fit into the tray creating one flat surface when completed, just like a regular jigsaw puzzle. When the puzzle pieces are removed from the board, you'll find a greyed out image as the background. This greyed out image also has definitive lines to give the puzzler two clues: the shape of the puzzle piece and the image printed on it. Originally, our tray puzzles were intended for young children, but we quickly realized that seniors enjoyed these puzzles as well, particularly those living with dementia. This is why our image selection hopefully appeals to both the young and the young at heart. For ages 3+.

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