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Horses & Ponies

Horses & Ponies

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The ultimate visual guide for children passionate about all things equine, covering just about anything and everything horse related

Calling all horse lovers! This horse book for kids is a one-stop-shop for equine knowledge, from their history, anatomy, breeds, how to care for them, their social significance, and more! 

Inside the pages of this children’s book about all things equestrian you will find: 

   • Informative features on all the major horse and pony breeds from the enormous Dutch Draught Horse to the tiny Argentine Falabella
   • Beautiful images of magnificent horses found across the world
   • Lessons about the usefulness of horses across different cultures from sport, shows, traditions, and celebrations, to transport, police work, and even shrimp-fishing! 
   • Extensive information and step-by-step instructions on how to ride these magnificent animals and horse care 

From the difference between horses and ponies to why horses sleep standing up, this comprehensive guide explores every horsey topic you could want to explore! Colorful photographs and pictures on every page include many different horses and pony breeds, from Shetland ponies, shire horses, and thoroughbreds and highlights their importance in our world today.

Kids will learn how to care for horses and understand them, covering topics such as grooming a horse, how to muck out a stable, and looking after tack. The book also explores horse skills and will answer questions about riding horses and ponies, such as what dressage is, how to steer a horse, and much more!
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