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Chasing Horses

Legends of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Legends of Theodore Roosevelt National Park

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Chasing Horses latest book is Legends of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. 

This book contains over 60 pages of full color photographs that highlight the horses that we have sadly lost between 2016-2019.  Included in this book: Stallion Gary, Stallion Little Sorrel, Mare Ghost, Stallion Blaze, Stallion Silver, Stallion Singlefoot, Mare Chubby, Filly Miracle, Filly Valentine, Filly Florida, Stallion Cocoa, Stallion Gray Ghost, Stallion Clinker, Stallion Wind Canyon, Stallion Granite's Boy, Mare Nordie, Mare Sweetheart, Mare Lacey and Stallion Ranger.  

The book gives some information on each of these iconic horses and also shares photos of their current offspring still living in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. 

Book is available in both a soft cover and hard cover.  

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